The Angry Birds are coming!

December 9, 2009 – 11:07 pm | by admin

Angry_Birds_logoRenowned games publisher, Clickgamer, has announced the distinctive new action-puzzle game, Angry Birds, for iPhone and iPod touch. Developed by the award-winning Rovio Mobile, Angry Birds puts players in control of a flock of avian assassins. These angry birds are desperate to reclaim their eggs from some pesky thieving pigs.

At the beginning of each Angry Birds game scenario, players receive a number of birds to use as projectile weapons. The birds are fired from a catapult to smash into the pigs and blast through their fiendishly created hideouts. The smooth graphics engine with high-quality cartoon visuals and audio create a novel, addictive game for all.

“We think that iPhone and iPod touch users have needed an outlet to vent their frustration for some time,” said Mikael Hed, CEO of Rovio. “Fortunately for them, these birds are not easily appeased. With Angry Birds you can look forward to hours of glorious bird mayhem!”

“Angry Birds uses intuitive touch controls to navigate around the playing field and aim the birds,” said Johnny Coghlan, Head of Publishing for Clickgamer. “The casual nature of the game is perfect for iPhone and iPod touch users seeking a quick hit of fun and action.”

A high amount of detail has been paid to the design of in-game characters and environments. Every avian attacker and porcine enemy is displayed as a cartoon caricature, while the scenery is accurately physically modelled to create an unlimited variety of explosive demolitions. Easy-to-learn controls combined with a steady difficulty progression rewards gamers possessing accuracy, skill and patience.

Angry Birds will release for iPhone and iPod touch on Apple’s iTunes App Store soon.

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