Coastal Defense – iPhone Review

September 26, 2009 – 5:42 pm | by Peekay

navy-patrol-coastal-defence-icsSo patience and perststence does payoff.  This game proves it.

So I jumped in, chose to have the hints and tips on and started to play.  Within seconds I was so peed off that I nearly deleted the game that I spent my hard-earned money on.

I tried looking at the help in the game but while it told me what the different icons did, it didn’t tell me to drag and drop new defensive items – so all I got were guns dumped in the bottom of the sea, miles away from the attackers – Game Over!

The idea behind Coastal Defense is that you must protect your island base by placing defensive items in the waters to destroy enemy vessels before they can get close enough to fire a shot off.  Your protection varies in power and intensity, and also cost.  You start with $200 and gain cash whenever you sink an enemy boat – so the more you sink, the better defences you can get.

However the quantity and quality of the enemy ships also gathers pace.  It becomes a race to get the right defences in the right places, and an addictive race at that.

When you finally see that “You Lost” screen – or “You won” but I haven’t seen that yet! – there is smooth Facebook integration to let people know how you have fared against people around the world.

All in all a good, addictive game worth looking at if you can get past the learning curve frustration.

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4 stars (out of 5)

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